An Invigorating Lancaster Stroll

Had to get a train ticket for a meeting in Birmingham next week. And since it was a fine, sunny, blue-skied day (if a little blustery), I decided to take a scenic, circuitous route back to work (I had some free time).

The view from the top of the hill by the Castle and the Priory Church wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped, but I could see Gummer How and Hampsfell even if the larger Lakeland fells weren’t visible.

Crossing the Millennium foot bridge I noticed that there were quite sizeable swells coming down the Lune, which I don’t think that I’ve seen before.

The river was high but clearly not as high as it has been and walking along the cycletrack there was quite a stench from the area that had been flooded. Amongst the expected flotsam of plastic bottles and the like was an armchair.

From Carlisle bridge the view along the Lune to the Ashton Memorial and the Butterfly House in Williamson Park, with Clougha Pike behind was excellent. Sadly looking the other way along the river you see a landfill site and Heysham Nuclear Power Station.

An Invigorating Lancaster Stroll

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