A Nature Diary

image An inspiration for my Blog is Richard Adams’ A Nature Diary.

Essentially it does exactly what it says on the cover: it gives a day by day account of the things that he has seen each day in the countryside.

But it is also very much rooted in one place – his home on the Isle of Mann. He takes his dog Tetter for walks along his local lanes, over the hills and glens, on cliff-top paths and beaches.

We also get to hear about meetings and visits with friends, trips to Australia, Denmark, Anglesea, London and fell-walking in the Lakes. And Adams’ idiosyncratic views on any number of issues.

So quite like a Blog really.

At least half of the charm is in the wonderful illustrations by John Lawrence. In my hardback copy there are water colours on every page, with half of the pages in colour. They give a real character to the book.

A Nature Diary

4 thoughts on “A Nature Diary

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    I stumbled upon it by accident in a local second hand book shop, an Alladin’s cave with 2 floors piled high with books, maps, old prints etc. A great place to find books that you didn’t know existed.

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