An Unexpected Bonus

I was in Ambleside today. Unfortunately, it was for work. I’ve had  three days there over the last few months and every time it has chucked it down. I suppose that it would be even more frustrating to be amongst mountains but stuck indoors on a perfect day.

Anyway, the bonus was that the course finished earlier than expected. On the way home, I made  a diversion down Windermere so that I could get up Gummer How in what remained of the daylight.

It was still raining and I wasn’t really suitably dressed or shod, but the cloud had noticeably lifted and beggars can’t be choosers….

I didn’t even get as far as the top – I’d promised to be home to take nipper number 3 for his late afternoon pushchair ride/nap – but I enjoyed being out none the less. I got high enough to have a view of Morecambe Bay, Whitbarrow Scar and across the Kent estuary to Arnside Knot, which from there looks like a small hill nestled in amongst much bigger ones. (Which it sort of is – but the bigger hills are quite distant from it.) On reflection, it’s probably slightly odd that whenever I walk slightly further from home than usual, it always gives me great satisfaction to look back and see Arnside Knot (from the North) or Warton Crag (from the South) – the little hills that bracket home.

As I neared the road and the car park I could see that the cloud was continuing to lift – the Langdale Pikes were clear, the Coniston Fells were clearing and Caw just had a final cap of cloud that looked like it might lift at any moment.

An Unexpected Bonus

2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Bonus

  1. Have just discovered your blog. I really like it. Nice to focus on the local, microscopic things. Sometimes we all ignore what’s on our doorstep in our rush to get someplace else. Thanks for the link, by the way. Will certainly link your site too. Keep up the good work!

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