Tristram Shandy

Can’t help thinking that Laurence Sterne would appreciate the absurdity of going out for a half-an-hour stroll and then spending two or three hours trying to get to grips with the technology required to blog about it afterwards.

Over a busy few days I’ve been struggling to find the time to do all the things that need to be done, without trying to write about the experience as well.

Managed to get out today for half-an-hour after work, notable because it was light when I set off, and when I returned, and also because it was Sam’s first trip in a back-pack (as opposed to a front-carrier).

Did an out and back across to Stankelt road and a circuit of Clark’s Lot. The latter is National Trust property, a mixture of meadow and woodland. Whilst some parts are evidently meadow and others clearly woodland, the boundaries are pleasantly vague since the meadows are dotted with trees and the woodland broken by clearings. Some areas of the woodland have been felled, revealing more extensive areas of limestone pavement than I was aware of.

Heading back across the field gives one of my favourite local views: some trick of topography suggests that woodland stretches for miles to the east, up and over Beetham Fell to Farleton Fell, Hutton Roof and, on a clear day, the Howgills. Today however, it was the sky that captured my attention with predominantly blue sky to the east, and a ragged black line overhead and to the west. Ahead I could see high white stacks of building cumulonimbus. Fantastic – and completely free.

I found this photo in Ray’s Picasa web album. Click on the photo to see more. I’m not sure on the nettiquette of ‘borrowing’ a photo. Is it allowed?

Tristram Shandy

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