Global Wittering

I think that when I began to think about blogging, I envisaged a global community of bloggers, all walking their local patch and wittering on about it on-line. Perhaps accessed by some sort of clickable map. Probably, such a thing does exist, but I just haven’t found it yet. I’m beginning to think that anything that you can imagine is out there somewhere. And much more besides.

I did find Walking Fort Bragg, which is precisely the daily thoughts and sights of a ‘local patch’ walker, which I find compelling.

A link form his site took me to One Mile From Home which records what happened after Julie Oakley set herself the challenge: ‘Walk a minimum of one mile from home. Record where you’ve been with a drawing, sculpture, photo or painting and then walk back. Every day for a year.’ What a fabulous idea.

A site that comes close to what I was thinking about is geograph an ordinance survey sponsored site where maps can be searched to find photos of the area, The project’s motto is ‘photograph every grid square’.

Finally, another link from Walking Fort Bragg that I have enjoyed is Astronomy Picture of the Day. Check it out.

Global Wittering

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