At lunch time, the tables on the canal bank outside the Water Witch in Lancaster were full of people enjoying the unseasonably mild and sunny weather.

After a fairly frantic day I arrived home with just 20 minutes to spare for a walk. Where could I get to in 20 minutes? I had the idea that maybe I could get to the Cove to see the contrast with last time I was there in the gloaming. In the back of my mind I knew that this was an unrealistic idea. But none the less, I set off with Sam in the backpack. Stomping along, determined to reach the Cove somehow, my walk was becoming just one more part of a hurried day. But then on a steep bank flanking Cove Road I found several Primroses flowering.

I stopped to take some photos. I relaxed. I didn’t feel the need to rush to the Cove anymore. Curiously, on the way back to the house I followed a more circuitous route, but I still made it back with a minute or two to spare. Less haste, more speed.

On the ginnel that runs behind gardens, I also noticed Goosegrass, Jack-by-the-Hedge and Bluebells in the hedge bottom. And a solitary Celandine that hadn’t quite closed up for the night.


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