Normal Service Is Resumed

On Tuesday we took the kids to Durham. The plan was to shop for children’s shoes, have a walk along the River Wear, and to look around the Cathedral.

We managed to fit all of those things in, although somehow we seemed to spend most of the day in the Cathedral’s cafe.

It was another bright, clear day. On the river, Cormorants were stretched out sunning themselves at the top of a weir. We watched a man throwing bread off a high bridge and the black-headed gulls dexterously catching it mid-air.

As we drove the few miles back to Angela’s mum and dad’s we entered a thick fog. the next morning the fog had left everything with a magical coating of hoar frost. On the way home the fog seemed to offer the promise of lifting. It felt like sunshine was on the way. We stopped in Barnard Castle, where the Castle was unfortunately closed, but the kids had a great time picking-up bargains in an Oxfam shop. (Toys and games half-price, Children’s books 10p).

As we crossed the Pennines it was still cloudy but the quality of the light changed, and the white clouds overhead became ominous black ones.

It was great while it lasted, but wet and windy weather is back.

Normal Service Is Resumed

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