Plant Recognition Software

Out briefly yesterday with Sam in the buggy. I was only planning to do some grocery shopping in the village, but he fell asleep just as I got home, so I took him and the shopping across the field to Stankelt Road and then round Bottoms lane and back. The farmer has been muck-spreading and the fields were busy with crows, oystercatchers and black-headed gulls (some of whom are beginning to regain their trademark black heads).

I’m not sure that I can subscribe to the Solvitur Ambulando idea, because I don’t know that I have ever solved any problems by walking, but I do think that walking often provides an escape from problems. For me it’s also a space in which to do some thinking.

Here’s something that has crossed my mind recently. We all know that we can type a word or phrase into a search engine and get an image in return. What if there was a search engine that worked the other way around? Enter an image (I’m thinking of a photo of a plant, a bird, a mountain…) and find out what it is that your image shows. Apparently some cameras can now recognise your family members – which must be useful if you have a large family and a bad memory for faces – so the technology surely can’t be far off?

Of course there would be all sorts of commercial spin-offs. Medical applications could computerise diagnosis of skin complaints etc.

Feel free to take this idea and run with it, but just remember – you heard it here first.

Plant Recognition Software

3 thoughts on “Plant Recognition Software

  1. Kai says:

    A fascinating thought, certainly. Although you are debatedly not the first one to nurse such ideas, I have a plant recognition app high on my wishlist of future technology. What, in fact, makes it so hard to recognise a tree, a flower, a herb,I think,is the fact that not onlyis the scaling different for the phylum – by orders of magnitude – but the suitable parametrization will differ from family to family. Having just roughly 5+ spots and their relative positions as in face recognition just will not do here.
    Obviously, there is a dedicated leaf recognition out there, but that, of course, considerably limits the degrees of freedom you are otherwise faced with.

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