Go green, do nothing.

Be radical: work less, travel less, shop locally, tend your garden and go for a walk.

Angie Elliot from a letter to The Independent

Sound good to me. Perhaps I should add: eat less and spend more time with your family.

After snow, hail and sleet yesterday, today began with a hard frost and stayed bright and cold all day.

I had an unexpected opportunity to come home early so we took a family walk (and bike ride) to Woodwell. We did try to suggest alternatives but this route is currently a firm favourite with Amy. She relented near the end of the walk, when it was too late, and decided that she wanted to go and see the Bay after all. Next time.

The ransoms in Bottoms Wood are progressing well.

The joy of sticks:

The ‘waterfall’ catching the late afternoon light as it runs out of the cliff:

Fishing for pondweed:

Go green, do nothing.

4 thoughts on “Go green, do nothing.

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Hello and welcome.
    Thanks for your comments.

    I checked out your blog and I see that ‘here’ is Illinois (I hope that I spelled that right).

    I notice that today’s photo is of a nuthatch. We often get nuthatches or our own bird-feeders. I’m not sure that they are quite the same, but the similarities are obvious. I find it quite heartening that here we are half a world apart and yet we are united by an interest in (almost) the same species of bird.

    Roll on the spring!
    Happy birding.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    I believe that there are still hawfinches there. But I’m afraid that you have exposed my flaky credentials as a birdwatcher, because I’m not sure that I have ever seen a hawfinch, either at Woodwell or elsewhere.

    A couple of months ago I did briefly see a large finch that I didn’t recognise on our bird feeder and almost convinced myself that it was a hawfinch. But only almost.

    Woodwell is an enchanting spot. We’re very lucky to have it on our doorstep, and it’s great that our children are so captivated by it.

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