Spring Balance

After some heavy rain yesterday it was good to wake up to clear skies and sunshine. We took the children for a walk in Eaves Wood. The wood was a good choice since it afforded a lot of shelter from the strong and chilly wind.

Amy really enjoyed her walk today. She took the lead all the way to the Pepperpot, walking a little way ahead of us, determined to get there first. She is becoming increasingly independent.

Once Ben had accepted that he couldn’t keep up with Amy he enjoyed having Angela and I to himself. Here he is pausing before picking his way up a small scramble:

And here are the team at the Pepperpot:

We explored the open, rocky area around the Pepperpot:

Before taking a different path home, passing some of our favourite trees on route.

We like this one because it is so fabulously twisted:

This one because it’s great to climb on:

And this one because of its two-tone dress:

(Ideally I would now supply the Latin names of the moss and the lichen, but to be honest I couldn’t even decide what type of tree it was. Here’s a close-up of the lichen, can anybody help?)

Sam enjoyed his walk too:

Despite the sunny start, there was, as I’ve said, a very chilly breeze. As the day wore on, large cumulonimbus clouds filed in from the sea.

Shortly after lunch we had a short, sharp hail shower. I took this photo whilst I was pottering about in the garden. On Thursday afternoon when I was putting up a nest box in the garden a robin and a song thrush were facing-off; performing their own version of duelling banjos. They were back again today, perched in almost the same spots, once again seemingly taking it in turns to fire off the latest salvo like two sparring horn players in a jazz band.

Later in the afternoon I took Sam for a brisk walk to the Cove and across the lots. When we arrived at the Cove we could see a large cloud, already beginning to block out the sun, which far out in the Bay seemed to merge with the horizon.

As we walked across the Lots the cloud seemed to grow until it almost filled the western half of the sky. The grey band of rain widened along the horizon. We almost beat the rain home.

It often felt like spring today. We saw a single bluebell flowering on a roadside verge. Greenfinches careered around the lanes after each other. A pair of crows worked steadily on a nest in one of the trees in the field at the back of the house. A blue tit checked out the nest box that I put-up last year. (And which has a substantial nest in it, although I don’t think that any broods were raised there last year.) The primroses on the bank on Cove Road are joined by an excellent display of daffodils. As we walked in Eaves Wood, a pair of buzzards flew overhead together screeching and mewing.

However, the cold wind, the heavy showers and the forecast of a powerful storm tonight were a reminder that winter may not quite have had its final say yet.

Spring Balance

5 thoughts on “Spring Balance

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Good question Ron.

    You’ve prompted me to finally get round to doing something that I had intended to do for some time: post a page about the Pepper Pot, so thanks.

    I will gradually add pages with information about other places that we visit regularly like Eaves Wood, Haweswater, Woodwell etc.

  2. Okay, thanks for the reply. I will be looking forward to learning more about your surrounding area. It is so different from where I live.

    Most interesting.

  3. beatingthebounds says:

    I forgot to add: the new pages will not appear as posts, but with links near the top of the right-hand column. At present there are two: Leighton Moss and The Pepper Pot.

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