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When I started blogging back in January I had almost no knowledge of the blogging phenomena. My limited technical knowledge meant that the initial learning curve was very steep. Fortunately, I stumbled across the outdoorbloggers community. By posting questions on the forums there I got not only the answers that I sought, but also lots of other really helpful advice.

I also found links to many interesting blogs, which was helpful because until then I hadn’t really read many blogs. Since then I’ve come across a number of other blogging communities. I’m finding that reading other peoples blogs is almost as addictive as writing my own.

I’ve also become slightly jealous of the diverse projects recorded in many of my favourite blogs. It might be a long walk: from Lands End to John O’ Groats, across Japan, along the M62, from Southport to Brighton or a pilgrimage along the way of St. James. The aim might be to climb every Wainwright in the Lake District, walk every street in Berkeley or to spot 200 species of birds in Manitoba. It might simply be to take a walk every day and to record what is seen in a blog or with a painting.

Now I want a project.

When I first moved to this area (about 15 years ago), I bought one of the old OS pathfinder 1:25000 maps. I spent evenings and weekends exploring the area, with the intention of eventually walking every yard of footpath shown on the map. It was a great way to get to know the area. These days this area is covered by OS7 – the map that covers the south-eastern corner of the Lake District. And although I have a handy waterproofed copy of the map, I never feel the need to take it with me.

The blog has become something of a project in its own right. I find that I’m anxious to visit places that I haven’t been to yet this year so that I can blog about them, or to find new things to photograph. How will I find time to get back to Far Arnside whilst the daffodils are at their best? When do I need to go to Lambert’s Meadow to photograph the bugle, or the ragged robin or the early purple orchids? I think that I’m generally even more keen to get out than I was before the blog.

One thing that I have decided to do is to add pages about the many places that because of their proximity to home we visit frequently. Obvious candidates are Leighton Moss, the Pepper Pot, Eaves Wood, Woodwell and the Cove. I’ve done the first two already (although it is my intention to update them when I have better photos or more information to add). You’ll see the links near the top of the column on the right.

I shall have to think about changing the layout here because


Leighton Moss

is inevitably leading people to think that my name is Leighton Moss.

Now…..about that project…..

Blog Project

5 thoughts on “Blog Project

  1. I like your enthusiasm! Yes, blogreading and blogwriting can indeed become addictive. You can follow link after link, and before you know it you’re sucked into a vortex of blogs. I find now I have to limit myself and just visit the few I really like.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    “Sucked into a vortex of blogs” what a thought. Sounds a bit like a Black Hill experience. I think that rationing may be the answer. My problem is internet time – after about 5 minutes of surfing and blogreading I check the clock and find that in the non-virtual world several hours have passed.

  3. Mark…
    Just to let you know I have seen and read enough to tell you that I will be linking back here from myplace.. I am sure the others who read my blog will love yours also.
    I will point then in your direction.

    All the best

  4. Addictive, certainly, but the best reason I’ve found to keep blogging is that it keeps me doing precisely the things that I most enjoy doing, like walking, birding, and reading poetry.

    Sounds like you’ve discovered the same thing.

  5. beatingthebounds says:

    Absolutely, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is that walking, birding, reading poetry, blogging and blogreading all take time. Factor in parenting, cooking, cleaning and earning a crust and its beginning to feel like somethings got to give. Any advice on how to fit 28 hours of activity into each 24 hour period anyone?

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