Walking The Blog

Or ….Blog Project (Slight Return)

By necessity, my walks are often brief and haunt the margins of the day in the first or the last of the light. At these times I rarely encounter groups of walkers. But I do meet legions of dog walkers.

I feel like I’ve become an honorary dog walker. It occurs to me that they have no choice but to find the time to get out and exercise their dogs, and that I could take a leaf from their books (and from Ron over on Walking Fort Bragg) and make an effort to get out (almost) every day.

Now I don’t want a dog. Sorry, I know that this is sacrilege in some quarters, but we already have a cat and as far as I’m concerned that makes one pet more than the optimum. But I do feel the need to get out and exercise myself more regularly.

So when Ben woke at 5.30 this morning I somehow managed not to stumble back into bed, but took this as an opportunity to take my imaginary hound (called Blog of course) for a stomp up to the Pepper Pot.

As I was getting ready to set off, I could hear a cacophony of geese. By the time I got out, the noise had subsided a little, but the geese were high overhead flying north in a wide arc with several small groups of stragglers behind the main line. As I watched, the arc narrowed to the more familiar v, and the trailing groups were able to rejoin the line.

Perhaps because of the time of day, or because of the lack of other sounds, the bird song was fantastic. As I climbed alongside Potter’s field, I tracked down an insistent chirping to a very bold chaffinch that sat on the top bar of the fence seemingly unconcerned by my presence.

Every year these flowers appear along this path:

And every year I wonder what they are. I suspect that they are not native, but are naturalised from a garden. Any ideas?

Higher up the path, more mundanely but just as welcome, violets have also opened. This merits another entry in my mental blog project ‘to do’ list – get out and photograph the many hues of violets on the local lanes and paths, in particular to visit at least one of the places where I know that the violets will be white.

When I entered Eaves Wood I was greeted by the songs of a robin and a great tit, two birds which seem to have become emblematic of this spring.

The view from Castlebarrow was fairly limited today. The wind has finally dropped a little, but convoys of huge clouds still drive in of the sea. With the clouds variously white, black, grey and glowing peach in the early light, the sky scape was thoroughly absorbing.

Forty minutes of “fresh air, the natural landscape, the sensation of sun or wind on face, the simple pleasure of limbs moving freely in the act of walking, the sense of liberation that results merely from being out of doors” and I still made it to work on time.

Top Notch.


A quiz – lifted from Richard Adams’ Nature Diary:

Whose dogs were:

Diamond, Keeper, Flush, Dash, Wessex and Brownie?

Walking The Blog

2 thoughts on “Walking The Blog

  1. Hello
    you wonder about the lovely blue flower??
    It is a Scilla (squill) a genus of bulb-forming perennial herbs in the Hyacinthaceae. The 90-odd species are found in woodlands, subalpine meadows, and seashores across the Old World. Their flowers are usually blue, but white, pink, and purple types are known; most flower in early spring, but a few are autumn-flowering.

    I am looking forward to view picture on SKY WATCH FRIDAY.
    cheers from Canada,
    Happy Easter

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Thank you so much!
    I noticed at the weekend that my Father-in-Law, who loves bulbs, has the same flowers in his garden, but I forgot to ask him what they were. We seem to have something similar in our garden – which he probably planted – but the flowers are a lilac colour (and very beautiful).

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