Crow Country


I’ve recently finished reading Crow Country by Mark Cocker and wanted to take a moment to recommend it here.

It’s chiefly about rooks, although jackdaws also feature quite a bit since they often accompany rooks at the huge roosts that Cocker first sees near his home in Norfolk and then delights in visiting elsewhere. He even travels to Turkey to pursue his increasingly obsessive ‘Rooking’ project.

The book is an informative and enjoyable read. Cocker writes about nature, but also about our responses to nature. We find out about other birding monomaniacs, about men who carried out an extensive study of rooks whilst captive in German POW camps, and about a Victorian naturalist whose doctor prescribed rook watching as a treatment for depression.

I think that a good test of a book of this kind is whether or not it makes you want to get out there and look for things for yourself. I’m already much more aware of the corvids I see, and was very pleased on Friday evening to spot a small rookery (not near home – I was ferrying Amy to and from her swimming lesson – so I still need to find out where the local rooks nest).

Crow Country

3 thoughts on “Crow Country

  1. Hi Mark
    Glad to see you got a few hits yesterday… you and your blog deserve it.
    I’ll see if I can get hold of a copy of this book from the library. Talking of Crows, if you get the chance nip over to see Abes blog
    Today he as some great crow pictures on show.. his garden is a wildlife magnet and the bird pictures he takes are second to none.
    Tomorrow I have a post about Jays.. I’ve wanted to get decent pictures of these for ages. I try to follow up my pictures with some info, please feel free to correct me anytime if I get stuff wronge.

    All the best

  2. Amazing. I just posted a series of photos of crows that I took yesterday. My main brookville blog has the one intro picture and from there you can see the others as a link is provided.

  3. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi Tom,
    I borrowed Crow Country from the library (I see that it’s due back tomorrow). I had to pay 60p to order it, but it was well worth it.
    I look forward to the jay photos, we have them in the woods here, but I can’t remember seeing one for ages.

    Hi Abe,
    Your crow photos are stunning!

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