One moment clouds feel oppressive and smothering, and the next they are the very things that inspire us to dream. Who hasn’t gazed up at castles in the sky and imagined a world away from the concerns of terra firma? As a Stratocumulus cloud develops out of a Stratus, glimpses of broken blue can begin to appear. Hours before, the sun seemed smothered, but now the foggy layer has started to gather into snow-covered mountains and melt into winding rivers of blue. There is another world up there – a shifting terrain of glacial valleys and billowing peaks, a land of promise and escape – one with its own nebulous laws of geology.

form The Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney

For most of today we haven’t really had a sky so much as an all-enveloping grey blanket. A low monotone lid, closing of the sky and drenching everything with drizzle to add insult to injury. However, as the day drew to a close the wind picked-up and the Stratus layer began to break up much as described above.

The cloud was fizzing overhead at great speed, and even as the last of the colour drained out of the sky, the movement and the texture provided much more interest than the drab grey wash that had preceded it.

The Cloudspotter’s Guide is a great read. No doubt ideal for any Skywatch Friday devotees.

I’ve been finding of late that I’m often gazing at the clouds when I’m walking. You can find more sky photos that I took on Tuesday, last Friday, or a back on the tenth.

Happy cloudspotting!


19 thoughts on “Stratocumulus

  1. My kind of photo! I too have been smitten with watching the skies as of late. I love your photos present, and past. The words you quoted were so descriptive – I’m going to look for the book.

  2. I laughted at what you said about always looking at the sky. My husband makes fun of me for doing that. He says the neighbors probably think I’m nuts.
    Nice sky shots!

  3. Stunning Post Mark
    I have been thinking of getting a Sky Guide, I am ashamed to say I am not to clued up on the name and terms of the clouds. How bad is that for some one who is hosting the topic.. ha!

    Great pictures as well.

    Have a great weekend however you are spending it, if you celebrate Easter enjoy the weekend.

  4. EG says:

    Dark and brooding! Studying clouds is fascinating, something that becomes more interesting as you watch the sky for just the right photo…at least for me.

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