Blue True Dream of Sky

For the last couple of days we have had drab monotone grey skies and drizzly dismal weather. As if in sympathy I’ve been under the weather myself, having come down with the same disgusting cold that the rest of the family suffered over the weekend. Some relief today on the weather front at least: after another grey start, the skies cleared and we had a mild and sunny afternoon.

When I got home from work Angela’s parents were here and Angela and Ben were waiting to take me out for a walk. Ben was on his push-bike and really enjoyed freewheeling over the humps and hollows of the Lots.

This is the Kent channel taken from the cliff-top path near to the Cove. As you can see: plenty of blue sky, a few fluffy cumulus, but above them some strips of parallel clouds with a fairly well defined top edge and a more ragged bottom edge.

I’ve looked in my book, I’ve tried Google Images, but I can’t decide whether these are cirrostratus or not. Can anybody help me out?

As you may have gathered, I’m quite keen on clouds at the moment, but I’m not averse to a clear blue sky – not that we see them in this neck of the woods very often. They do make an excellent backdrop, for instance to this blackthorn blossom:

It looks like there’s a lichen growing on the blackthorn.

Yes, look – like little grey corals. I’m even more ill-informed about lichens then I am about clouds. But…I did borrow ‘Lichen’ from the Collins New Naturalist series from the library last week. So let me see……

Blue True Dream of Sky

34 thoughts on “Blue True Dream of Sky

  1. Hi Mark
    A great Sky Watch post with some very beautiful picture of the blackthorn blossom.. I will have a look later about your clouds but you proberly know a lot more about them than I do.. I should however know the name of this lichen.. I see it all the time and it was only a few weeks ago I was reading up on it.

    Catch you later Mark.. and thanks for joining in again

  2. Hi Mark.. just read your comment on my post.. thank you for what you wrote.
    You mentioned Gee Cross yesterday… I grew up there and it is still a place I go. My friend as one of the pubs there, the Lamb Inn…
    You also mentioned Padfield and Hatfield… I think you mean Hadfield… Padfield is right by it… I’m sure you would have walked near to where my pictures were taken. Hadfield is where that TV programme ‘A League Of Gentleman’ was filmed.. Local shops for local people… ha!
    Hulme is where one of my brothers live. So you see our worlds are getting smaller all the time.

    All the best

  3. Ellen says:

    I loved all of your photos. The blossoms against the blue sky are marvelous. The branches of my pear and apple tree have similar whatever that is on them 🙂

  4. I’m happy you like my blog, but you you didn’t have to get sick just because I did 🙂

    Despite your gray skies you seem to be a little ahead of us here in the Pacific Northwest of America.

  5. I LOVE these photos! The blackthorn blossoms are lovely as is the sky in all the photos! Kent is a beautiful area of England. How could you go wrong with any photos? 😀

  6. wonderfull Mark, This are really “Fresh made” photo’s like a warm bread 🙂 No seriously I mena that I love to see your photo’s of this great white flower. Lovely!!!

    Have a great weekend , please come for a visit at my blog with 48 Sky’s (collage) from Luxemburg…

    Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)

    and I’ve more of my travels…in Europe.

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