In The Gloaming

The advent of British Summer Time and the clocks changing brings the prospect of getting the kids to bed and then still having daylight for a walk. Out this evening delivering minutes of a meeting to various places around the village, but contrived to visit the Cove and cross the Lots too. As the light faded the birdsong seemed to increase in intensity – Robins and Blackbirds seemed to be particularly vociferous.

From the Cove I could see groups of Oystercatchers huddled along the edge of the channel. I could also just about hear what sounded like a cacophony of gulls somewhere far out in the Bay. In the low light the Bay is a fairly forbidding place – all brown mud/sand and grey sky, but I find the view really restful.

The spit of land sticking out into the Bay is Humphrey Head, which is well worth a visit. You can just about pick out some of the Oystercatchers. (You can see a bigger image on Flickr but they are still just black dots.)

The dark line dead centre of the photo is (I believe) Priest Skear, a rocky outcrop.

This one is looking south. This time you might be able to pick out the lights of Heysham power station in the centre of the picture (the bigger image on Flickr definitely helps in this case.)

In The Gloaming

One thought on “In The Gloaming

  1. So beautiful shots. They look like painting.
    Luiz Ramos

    PS.- Thanks for comment.
    That is the environment question: Who does notice the flower?
    That is the same beach. But Rio de Janeiro City coast extends by 80 Kilometers.
    I liked very much “A Blog about walking, thinking about walking, reading about walking…….and maybe other stuff”

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