Birthday Blog

When Ben woke up at 6 o’clock the sky was clear and pale blue with a hint of orange along the horizon and just a little cloud in the east. As I’ve said before, once Ben’s awake everybody else is soon awake, so I took Sam and Ben for a ride in the double buggy. As we got ready the cloud in the east turned pink and then the sun poked its head above the horizon.

We set off along Park Road at a fairly cracking pace. It was bracing and the fields were white with frost. We did a circuit around Haweswater. The sunlight in the woods was again lighting the trees to grand effect:


We saw a Roe Deer in the woods, but it wouldn’t stand still for Ben to see it, never mind to be photographed. I also found some Toothwort:

It’s a parasite, living on the roots of trees. For that reason it is without chlorophyll and hence is an unusual plant because it has no green.

Strangely enough, I was only thinking yesterday about having seen it here previously, although I didn’t remember that it was at this time of year. I’ve also once seen it in Eaves Wood.

There were Shelduck on the lake, and a dozen Geese honking noisily whilst taking off. By contrast a Heron flapped overhead very serenely.

Lots of small birds about as ever. I think that I saw a Blackcap on Moss Lane, but couldn’t swear to it.

These ewes and lambs came to say hello, which cheered up Ben (he was ready for some breakfast.)

Another early morning Birthday present – my first Swallow of the year busily pruning itself on a telephone wire.

I liked the look of this tree against the blue sky.

Birthday Blog

4 thoughts on “Birthday Blog

  1. Hi Mark.. I thought you caught the light on those trees very well.. as for the swallow.. One swallow a dose not make a summer… but if you put it with the House Martains flying around here we must be on our way.

    You certainly know you woodland plants.. I’m taking notes as you post.. ;o0

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