Gone Fishing

Sam was awake in the wee small hours and so with no work to go to and Mum and Dad here to sort out breakfast for Amy and Ben, I stopped in bed until Sam woke again. Almost 8 o’clock – positively slovenly.

We were out for a family walk: the kids favourite – to Woodwell on their bikes.

Once we got there we had a lengthy stop for what has now become something of a tradition.

1. Find a stick:

2. Use it to fish algae out of the pond:

Or you could just watch:

Or look for tadpoles:

But eventually you will want to join in:

And with a Really Big Stick. Well done Mum!

Meanwhile I was testing the utility of a very long zoom to capture candid shots:

Our friends Mike and Coren arrived enjoying a walk with their children Peter and Nancy. This caused a great deal of excitement with the kids and they charged about, paddled in the streams etc.

This is Woodwell cliff:

And this is the tiny rivulet that feeds the pond:

The plant with tiny flowers in the centre is Golden Saxifrage.

A definite smell of garlic pervaded Bottoms Wood today. Some of the Ramsons were almost in flower and at Woodwell we found this one which was just open:

We heard a Woodpecker drumming intermittently and then later saw one high in the tree tops. There were also some Marsh Tits again.

We took a longer route home than usual – via the Lots and the Cove where there were more Ramsons flowering. On Cove Road my confidence in my ability to identify birdsong took a bit of a hammering. A rather fine song attracted my attention to the branches overhead: I looked up expecting to see a Robin but found a very cheerful Chaffinch instead. Back to the Drawing Board.


I had decorating to do this afternoon, but between coats of paint I took an hour off in Eaves Wood.

I walked a similar route to yesterday. When I was up near the top the sun began to shine whilst at the same time dark clouds threatened in the eastern sky.


Wild strawberries grow abundantly in the area. Although the fruit is very small they are none the less delicious.

This, however, is False or Barren Strawberry, a relative of Strawberry but without the fruit. The flower is similar to a Strawberry flower apart from the huge gaps between the petals.

The following all show views form near to the Pepper Pot:

The two blocks visible on the far shore are Heysham power station.

This is the view down to the village. Warton Crag is on the left and Clougha Pike dead centre.

I liked the contrast here of the brightly light foreground and the dark cloud behind.

Of course, the danger of all of this dark cloud is that it will rain and as I left the Wood…

… it did exactly that, even though the sun was still shining.

Gone Fishing

3 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Tom – I would agree about yesterday, except that it can’t quite have been perfect because today has been even better! (More to follow)
    Ron – thanks! Sadly I’m not on commission from Olympus. My camera has been superceeded by a new model (the 570), but that cost twice as much. From what I’ve read there are similar spec super-zoom cameras from Panasonic and Fuji (and probably others) which are equally good.
    I am having great fun with my camera though. I’m just uploading today’s batch to flickr. 88 photos. I’ll try to resist the temptation to put all of them onto the Blog!

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