Reflected Sky

After our day out today (see previous post), I managed to find time for a late short walk to the Cove.

I’ve posted another photo of this view before, but it was taken in very different conditions. I was interested in the different textures of the mud and the water and the ways in which they both reflected the light.

I also held back some photos from earlier in the week, specially for Skywatch Friday.

This is the sky reflected in the River Lune from our visit on Wednesday.

And this is Cirrus cloud taken by the Kent estuary on Tuesday.

Reflected Sky

21 thoughts on “Reflected Sky

  1. Hi Mark..
    This ‘New Camera’ is helping you produce some great shots… the detales is awesome… I look forward to seeing more.
    Have a great weekend with your loverly family…


  2. Between the two first I like most the firt one because I think the tree branches give us a perfect sensation and notion of space and give more balance to the composition.
    But they are just great photos.
    Just like the reflections one.

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