You Can Come Too Too Too

Visited a top location for wildlife today. There were the ubiquitous bullying Mallards:

Tufted Ducks, female…

…and male:





..and Red-crested:

Marbled Teal:

Nesting Storks:

Preening Geese:



OK…so I’m off topic. I wasn’t on one of my local walks – we drove round to the north of the Bay to the South Lakes Wildlife Park near Dalton. The ducks at the top of the post are local species but we don’t have Storks or Rhinoceros (or sadly Marbled Teal).

We all love this zoo. Part of the pleasure of the experience for Angela and I is in watching the excitement and wonder of the kids. We began our visit in the Giraffe house, because visitors can hand feed them at 11.30. There was a slight delay because the Ring-tailed Lemurs, who have the run of the zoo, were riding on the Giraffe’s backs – which they weren’t supposed to be. To feed the Giraffes you hold your hand out flat with a vegetable on it and the Giraffes remove it with their long and dexterous tongues.

We finished or day hand-feeding Herrings to Penguins. There were many highlights in between. The Storks were nesting in an area where the animals wander freely and the visitors are inside the same enclosure. You are allowed to feed some of the animals in this particular enclosure. Two Storks on a nest were upset by a Wallaby which was fiddling with the twigs on one side of the nest. One of the Storks gave the Wallaby a sharp peck and then both birds threw back their heads, with their beaks pointing skywards, and clacked their beaks like castanets.

Amy and Ben enjoyed the train:

We regularly visit, and my favourite past of any visit is watching the Tigers feeding in the afternoon.

They retrieve their meat from tall poles (which I totally failed to capture). And then retire to a high platform to enjoy the spoils of their efforts:

You can find more animal pictures on my flickr site (if you’ve managed to stick with me so far), but I wanted to share this sequence of a Lion because I know exactly how he feels:

He was asleep. My kids – in their excitement – started to shout:


Ok – I’m awake, but only under protest.

Finally – whilst I am perhaps ‘off message’, I can’t help thinking that this Blog is often as much about family as it is about walking.

You Can Come Too Too Too

One thought on “You Can Come Too Too Too

  1. LOL… I was scrolling down as pleased as anything then bam the rhino. great post Mark.. nice to a family having so much fun.. One of the best things you can give your children at this age is ‘time’… quality time and fun.. making memories.. it will form them into perfect little darlings I’m sure.


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