Sumer Is Icumen In

After spending the last couple of months searching for signs of Spring, I’m now beginning to think that I’m noticing hints of the impending arrival of summer. At Jack Scout yesterday I noticed these leaves which I’m pretty sure are Early Purple Orchid:

Today I was out with Sam for his mid-morning nap again and the sunshine was warm enough for me to shed my coat and walk in my shirt-sleeves. Do two swallows make a Summer?

Of course Spring is still in full-swing.

Willow catkins, or pussy willow, is not as often seen as you might expect given all of the damp mosses in the area:

I was struck by these opening buds (sycamore?):


We walked with the kids to the Wolfhouse Gallery this afternoon. They were on their bikes:

They enjoy looking at the art in the gallery, but cakes from the cafe and the small playground are the real draw.


Here’s something else that I see all the time, but have never thought to mention – Dog’s Mercury:

The flowers are very inconspicuous. I think that ‘Dog’s’ in the name refers to the fact that the plant is poisonous and therefore useless to the herbalist.


Sneaked out of the house and across the road whilst doing the dishes tonight to capture the sunset:

Sumer Is Icumen In

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