It’s A Bug’s Life

A delightfully sunny walk up Arnside Knot with Amy and Ben.

This is the view northwards over the Kent towards the Cumbrian fells.

This is looking south-west over the Bay.

We saw this little creature on the path.

When Ben (inevitably) prodded him with stick he curled up in a ball. His body seemed to be in segments and he had lots of legs like a woodlouse or a centipede. I have no idea what it is.

There were lots of busy ants and ants nests too. On one section of path we passed three nests in as many yards.

This is the view eastwards form the top of the very steep south side of the hill.

On the horizon you might be able to make out Ingleborough:

From here you look down on Arnside Tower:

Here’s Amy at the trig pillar:

By now the wind had turned very cold and on Helvellyn and Coniston Old Man we could see a touch of snow:

The kids weren’t deterred. There was a bench to balance on:

And the remnants of two knotted larches to investigate:

It’s A Bug’s Life

3 thoughts on “It’s A Bug’s Life

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks Tom – all is very well. We’ve been away for a few days. I’ve just been catching up with your views of Mottram.

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