Evening Saunter

Another fairly late evening walk. A wet morning had been followed by an intermittently sunny afternoon, but by eight this evening the sky was full of clouds swollen and purple like bruises and as I set off I wondered whether I ought to go back for my coat. A small bird of prey – I think a sparrow hawk – took wing as I entered the field. The western flanks of the distant Howgill Fells were bathed in sunlight even though their heads were hidden in the clouds.

Deliberating whilst tying my shoes I had decided to head for Pointer Wood, Sharp’s Lot and Clark’s Lot for no other reason than that I haven’t been that way for a while. When I got there I realised that the unconscious reason for my decision must have been that the woods and the meadow would have some of the flowers that I saw on Saturday but didn’t stop to photograph.

I noticed in Pointer Wood that the horse chestnuts are about to flower and that the beech leaves are emerging, although not as fully as the ones I saw on Saturday.

The meadow here is a good place for early purple orchids, but there are none out yet. There were, however, lots of cowslips:

The light was very poor now – I shall have to go back in better light. I eventually worked out how to use the fill in flash but the results make it look like I was walking in the dark – which isn’t unheard of, but I wasn’t on this occasion. A rowan in the woods was almost in bloom….

…and this wild cherry (or gean) was flowering:

A woodcock croaked and wheezed overheard. Through the trees I could see enough colour in the sky to suggest a half decent sunset. If I were Robert Macfarlane then I would have scaled a tree for a better vantage point. As it was, it wasn’t until I was out of the wood that I could see a patch of red, the final remnants of the sunset:

I forgot to mention on Saturday that a wood near Dallam Deer Park was completely carpeted in white blossoms of Ramsons. Nearer home only a few individual plants are fully flowering.

Almost back home and a hedgehog scurried across my path, his little legs going ten to the dozen. He was quite a small specimen, not like the monster hedgehog that regularly visited our patio last summer.

Evening Saunter

2 thoughts on “Evening Saunter

  1. I have never been to the UK, but all my life have had such an affinity for it that I have often thought if I visited I could never leave. In view of my professional and familial obligations, I’ve not taken that risk. However, in between your and Solitary Walker’s blogs I truly feel as if I AM there. I walk with you both and am in bliss – thank you.

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