Lanefoot Farm Weekend III

Monday brought wall-to-wall sunshine. We parked at the top of the pass at Newlands Hause and took a short walk…

…to admire Moss Force:

..and to paddle in Moss Beck:

The water was very cold, the rocks were slippy and perhaps inevitably we set-off back to the Hause for a picnic after an involuntary immersion for one of the party.

After the picnic, Gill and Jane joined us having walked over the tops from the campsite. Some of the kids were raring for the off so I joined them for a steady climb up Knott Rigg. It’s a fairly steep climb and with Sam on my back I was glad of the grey-brown grubs that littered the hillside and that Ben insisted on stopping to pick-up and carefully examine. With the pace thus limited I had plenty of opportunity to enjoy the views back over the Hause to Moss Force:

Ben was in fine form and climbed all the way to the ‘top’:

Sam had fallen asleep, so while everybody else had a sit down to admire the view…

…or to try to scratch their name on a rock…

…I plodded on along the ridge. Knott Rigg is not really a top at all, just the beginning of a ridge which eventually leads to the summit of Ard Crags. I’m pretty sure that I’ve only been up here once before and that was probably twenty years ago, on a mammoth day which began at Honister Hause and took in Dale Head, Hindscarth, Robinson, Ard Crags and a round of the North-Western fells before a camp down in Braithwaite. I do miss long days on the tops, but sharing the outdoors with my kids is a pretty fair substitute.

Lanefoot Farm Weekend III

4 thoughts on “Lanefoot Farm Weekend III

  1. Hello Mark I had some catching up to do here today,this looks to have been a great weekend for you all.. plenty of fresh air and fun. It was great to see the kids climbing, and playing in the earth.. you do not see it much now. I liked your captions and could not think of anything better that the ones you wrote.
    The views were very good as well. You mentioned Cuckoo’s, well this year might be better than some. I have heard them while out and I was pleased when my mate ‘Big Pete’ came last weekend with a picture of one… it was a good picture concidering the distance the bird were and just how hard it is to get to see them. I’ll let you know when he post the picture.
    all the best

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi Tom
    It was a great weekend.
    Pete’s Heron photos are outstanding so I’m looking forward to his cuckoo post. Even years ago when hearing cuckoos was a more common experience, I rarely actually saw them. Your best bet is when they are being mobbed by small birds.

  3. These photos are so vivid and alive it’s like BEING there with everyone! I’m so envious of your having these times with your children. Some of my happiest memories are when we all had these kinds of adventures. I always used to joke that family vacation was an oxymoron, but I look back now and think what bliss.

  4. beatingthebounds says:

    Thanks Cynthia.
    On the way home in the car we were talking about what a great weekend it had been, when Amy piped up:
    ‘Yeh, no telly'(with her arms crossed and her face set in an exaggerated frown)
    We kidded her that next time we could make arrangements to leave her with friends who would let her watch telly all weekend.
    She immediately retracted her moan:
    ‘I was only joking, I was only joking!’
    She’s four, but sometimes it seems as though we already have a teenager in our midst.

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