We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

Walked the same route again today, for the third time this week, but this time in reverse and with the whole family and Amy’s friend Sarah. The kids raced across the lots. The starlings weren’t so busy today. I did briefly see a head in the hole in the tree, but the children didn’t get to witness the birds feeding the chicks.

However, they were more than happy to get down to the Cove and plodge in the mud:

Then scramble up the rocks to the small cave here:

This little cave mouth always makes me think of one of the children’s favourite books ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ and the cave in which they eventually find a bear. Ben was clearly making the same association because he was expecting to find a bear too. He seems to have lost his fear of caves: back in January he became convinced that all caves were infested with Dragons and could rarely be induced to enter. He’s now keen to come back with a torch to explore further (he won’t get very far because they isn’t much to this particular cave.)

I explored the high-tide line at the back of the shingle.

I found a couple of pieces of this rusted, curiously light material. Could this be almost heart-shaped if you squint a bit and stand on your head to look at it? Cynthia over on Cynthesis finds hearts seemingly everywhere.

Silverweed, which thrives in the marginal spaces between land and strand, has now come into flower:

This plant also seems abundant and vigorous in these same unpromising spots:

Anybody know what it is?

I like the way the wind has given the cliff-top trees here a perfect manicured trim:

On the way home we found that Oxeye daisy flowers are finally opening up and showing off:

(See the previous post for more about the mathematical properties of this flower.)

We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

3 thoughts on “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt

  1. Thank you for once again mentioning me, Mark, although I can’t recommend myself in my current whirlwind. Advise readers to bring stormy weather essentials.

    In terms of finding hearts everywhere, it’s true, I do. Drives me just a little nuts. Do you know the book “A House Is a House for Me?” If not, I think your kids would love it. It shows how everything is a house, or it lives in a house, and that’s about what this heart-fixation is like. It’s either a heart, or it has a heart. Or something.

    I actually also find rocks in the shapes of various U. S. states like Colorado and Nevada and California, and once, a rather large piece of bark in the shape of Italy. Of course there’s also the assorted odd-shaped beluga rock, an owl rock (wouldn’t you know it?) – that kind of thing.

    I say the unnamed plant is beach lettuce. Looks pretty fresh and yummy to me.


    P. S. I started the Borges. I may need help.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    I suspect that the Beach Lettuce might be pretty chewy! Maybe if it’s cooked?

    Thanks for the recommendation – I shall look out for that.

    As for the Hearts, States, Owls etc. – of course I can remember looking at clouds and seeing faces, fish, trees etc. Now maybe I’m too busy trying to analyse and classify – Cumulus, Stratus etc.
    As Billy Bragg sings;
    “Scholarship is the enemy of romance”

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