A Time of Gifts

A bright and sunny day today, but very windy. I took a late stroll this evening into Eaves Wood. The woodland floor was littered with leaves and the occasional branch. In a new clearing close to the path lay two large fallen beeches. The trees must have been virtually twins and now lay away from each other but with their roots making two walls sheltering the single hollow that their fall had left.

I thought that perhaps the trees had fallen today, but then realised that the branches carried leaves, but that those leaves were brown and dried, suggesting that the trees have been down for some time. Also someone had used logs and large flakes of bark to build a crude roof to finish off the natural shelter between the roots.

The bark was cracked, like flesh wounds…

,,,and had lifted slightly away from the trunk so that when I tried drumming on it I found that it made a wonderful drum.

I couldn’t see the sunset – surrounded by trees as I was – but the colours in the sky indicated that it must have been stunning.

On my way home through the dark woods I heard an owl or probably a couple of owls calling, it seemed from somewhere very close by, but try as I might, I couldn’t find them in the trees.

The dark shape of a roe deer skittered across the path in front of me.


Amy has a few days of school, so what does she want to do? Recreate school here at home. This afternoon she made us all sit down for an Assembly and proceeded to give out certificates to each of us for achieving our Next Step. Mine was for learning to use my new camera. Unfortunately, Amy has difficulty with b’s and d’s so I appeared on my certificate as ‘Mark – bad’. When Angela noticed this she got a bad case of the giggles, which started me off and I ended up spilling half of a cup of tea down my shirt.

I also discovered today that Tom of Wigger’s World had chosen to award me this:

Thanks Tom!

Apparently these are the rules:

1) Award and Link to 5 blogs that make you think and/or make your day.
2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver: Tom’s Make My Day Award Post

3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news!

In thinking about which Blogs to pass on an award to (a pretty tricky decision), I thought about when I open google reader and which Blogs I look for new posts on first.

One of those is most definitely Wigger’s World, where the award came from in the first place! A link from Tom’s site, whether it be a recommendation or participation in Skywatch always guarantees a significant increase in traffic to my blog. This is a testament to the popularity of Tom’s blog and the camaraderie of the community of bloggers that gather there. It’s fair to say that Tom regularly makes several peoples’ days, because of his posts and his generous and thoughtful comments on other blogs.

My friend Andy has a theory that as soon as he has discovered a product that he really likes, then it is discontinued and disappears from the supermarket shelves. He could undoubtedly give lots of examples, but the only one that I can recall is individual rhubarb pies with a layer of custard inside them. He seems to think that there is a link between his patronage of a product and its almost immediate disappearance. As paranoid conspiracy theories go, it seems both unusually trivial and personal.

However, I’m beginning to see how he feels because it seems that many of my favourite bloggers are taking (hopefully) temporary breaks. So I make these awards in the hope that each of then will soon once again be making my day. In no particular order they are:

A Time of Gifts

3 thoughts on “A Time of Gifts

  1. There a beech tree near by where I walked last week, the split and fell last winter in strong winds.. I at first thought it had been hit by lightening but no burning was to be seen. What I did notice was an old split that showed signs of rot. Maybe these old beech had suffered wind damage in the past and fell.

    Thanks for sending the award back… I am honoured to except it again and humbled and pleased by your words. I read them out to Jane.. and said ….” Thats about me … tat is” :O)

    Horse Chestnut.. I have read about the loss of many. mostly down south. Have a read of THIS PDF FILE

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