Dryads, Wryms and Damsel Flies

It’s sad when the wind brings down trees in the woods. Of course the result can be a sunny glade where woodland flowers will flourish, or an opportunity for new saplings to establish themselves without the tree canopy blocking out the light. The fallen tree can provide homes and nourishment for an entire ecosystem.

Where would Dryad’s Saddle be without dead trees?

We found these today in the woods near Haweswater. I’ve read that this is the biggest natural lake in Lancashire, although it’s fairly small.

I think that I’ve mentioned before that the Lake is allegedly inhabited by a Wyrm, but I haven’t seen it, or the Dryads or the Otters that are also rumoured to be here.

We did see today the electric blue of damsel flies enjoying the sunshine:

And many flowers that appreciate the boggy margins of the Lake, like Guelder Rose:

And Irises:

There are more Irises and also Ragged Robin fringing the nearby pond, Bank Well:

And in Lambert’s Meadow we found a single Orchid which I think might be a Heath Spotted Orchid:

Dryads, Wryms and Damsel Flies

2 thoughts on “Dryads, Wryms and Damsel Flies

  1. Mark,

    This time it’s your post title – I had to laugh. I know you wrote “wyrms” in the body of the post, and I presume that’s what you intended, but “wryms” is a homophone for “rhymes,” of course. For some reason that gave me a very light chuckle. Wyrms make me nervous, but “wryms” can be fun. One day I hope to enjoy them again.


  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Ah – unintentional humour. Marvelous!
    I don’t generally find wryms in the woods either. Perhaps that’s another thing that I’m not looking hard enough for.
    I think that I’ll let the mistake stand – interesting to see whether it brings in any search engine traffic from other lazy spellers.

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