Arnside Weekend I

Walked with…

… to nearby Arnside to stay at the youth hostel. It was a 24 hour holiday, setting-out after lunch yesterday and arriving back for lunch today.

We started in Eaves Wood, climbing to the Pepper Pot in the environs of which we found lots of wild strawberries:

Tiny but sweet, succulent and very tasty. ‘Like eating the sun’ was A’s verdict.

We walked through Far Arnside and then along the coast. The coastal path at this time of year is a feast of wildflowers. It always strikes me as odd that lime loving plants like Rock Rose flower here, but also ericaceous Heather. Something to do with pockets of acidic soil created by volcanic ash a long, long time ago.

Two things to look out for along here are the Burnet Rose:


And this:

Which I think is Bloody Crane’s-bill. I was only aware of it growing along this cliff-edge path until today when we found it again in a less frequented part of Eaves Wood.

The petals, please note, are heart-shaped, like some Dog Rose petals:

Whilst I was taking my photos, A made a collection of mementoes: flowers, grasses, wood and bark, some wool, hazelnut shells and from this path mussel shells presumably dropped up here by a seabird. We also found the shattered remnants of a crab.

In places the path is almost squeezed out by the trees and shrubs.

(The pale leaves in the foreground are Whitebeam)

And occasionally the path diverts into the wood. We were both struck by this spiky, bulbous growth in a tree trunk:

Over the years since I moved to this area, the foreshore at Silverdale has eroded away. Meanwhile a new salt-marsh has appeared at White Creek where there used to be beach:

Thrift flowers here and on the cliffs:

Behind the salt-marsh is a steep shingle bank which the tides still occasionally wash.


In a buttercup meadow…

…on the last leg of our outbound journey, we found some Lady’s Mantle. I’ve posted pictures of the flowers before, but the leaves are the real joy of this plant, especially when it has been wet, because of the way they collect drops:

The hostel was comfortable, the meal huge and palatable. A was dead beat after her ‘100 mile’ walk. The sun set on a very enjoyable day.

Arnside Weekend I

7 thoughts on “Arnside Weekend I

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi Dad,
    It was certainly a Dad’s delight. How long before she can manage the Pennine Way do you think?

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