Arnside Weekend II

Cooked Breakfast at the Hostel might have been the highlight of the trip for A. She even had enough left over to make a sausage sandwich to pack up for her lunch. By the time we set off after breakfast, it was already hot. Climbing above the village gave us excellent, if some what hazy views of the Lakeland Fells. It looked as though anyone who had started early (or camped high) in the Eastern Fells would be enjoying a temperature inversion, and a sea of clouds in the valleys.

Looking down to Arnside and the viaduct. The Youth Hostel is the large building on the left, formerly an private school. Our room was the Porter’s Room.

Last time we were on Arnside Knott together we met one of these fellows:

This time we saw loads. He’s like a Woodlouse, but a little bigger and blacker. I have no idea what it is – I must treat myself to a Field Guide for insects.

We climbed to the topograph (not quite the top) and then beat a hasty retreat into the shade of the woods on the other side of the hill.

We see squirrels all the time in the woods, but they rarely pose for photos:

A loved the convoluted roots…

…of this huge Beech:

The hollows held spider’s webs, pools of water, and piles of last year’s Beech Mast:

We stopped for snacks and drinks by Arnside Tower (one of many refuelling stops this trip). There were Jackdaw’s around the tops of the walls again. Maybe they roost here like the famous Ravens at the tower of London. How could I engineer it that I could have the time to come this way often enough to be sure? Although I must admit, that now that the Hayfever season is in full swing, the delights of a daily long walk don’t appeal quite so much as they would do otherwise.

The wall tops were also rampantly infested with Oxeye Daisies:

We climbed back into Eaves Wood, by an unfamiliar route. A insisted that we return to the Pepper Pot and her efforts were rewarded by more wild strawberries. From there she was able to navigate the way home to lunch.

Arnside Weekend II

3 thoughts on “Arnside Weekend II

  1. I really enjoyed these photos of your walk. The beech tree and roots are amazing. Nice picture of “A”; she’s very pretty.

    I found a few wild strawberries in my own yard this afternoon, and lots of blossoms, but they are very tiny and the fruit is just about all seeds, and they are not sweet at all — hardly like a strawberry except in color.

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