Doctor, Doctor

Last night we had guests and some of us took a post-prandial stroll to the Woodlands – CAMRA pub of the summer 2007 for this area. On the way a plaintive mewing attracted our attention to a large fluffy ball sitting on a branch. A recently fledged owl. On the way home it was still partially light, although pretty late. We bumped into a hedgehog snuffling along our path.


This splendid fellow has been in a field by Eaves Wood for several weeks, but he is very camera shy. Today was the best opportunity that I’ve had and he still wouldn’t face toward me:


Today we were joined for our walk in the woods by A’s friend S and by Dr A and Dr S (my brother-in-law and his wife). I believe his doctorate may be for climbing things. He certainly provided the kids with a memorable tree-climbing experience today:

An old beech and its fungus provided another point of interest:

Honeysuckle is flowering all over the wood:

The numerous distractions along the way meant that we were along time getting to the Pepper Pot, but when we did we met friends from the village.

There was a good view of Ingleborough today:

And out in the Bay we could see the sponsored walk from A’s primary school (we would have gone but it was a bit too far for the children):

Finally, I wrote about Tutsan and its alleged properties a while ago, but didn’t get a photo of the flowers open. Here’s some from Eaves Wood:

Doctor, Doctor

4 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor

  1. Hi Mark
    I think I would be at home in these surroundings.. I like the fact you go to the same places and each time you come back with something different.. I can do just the same thing.. if the place is beautiful as it is one season it will be just the same or of more beauty the next season.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    I started the blog thinking that continually walking the same routes was an unfortunate necessity, but I’m realising now that in fact it is a great privilege.

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