People In Glass Houses

Down to the big smoke last night for a meeting today at the DCSF. What’s that you don’t know the acronym? That’s the Department for Children, Schools and Families. Who decided on that particular running order I wonder? It used to be the Department for Education and Skills; before that it was the Department for Education. No doubt it will have a new, even longer title before too long.

The meeting took place in a airless space. A circular room with glass walls, which looked out on to an open plan office (‘No-one has their own desk these days!’) surrounded by glass walls revealing more open plan offices with….

Nested goldfish bowls. Almost appropriate since I felt like a fish out of water. At least I knew why I had been invited which is more than could be said for some of the participants who were having a Kafkaesque experience.

What a boon after four and half hours of tube, Euston station and trains to arrive home in daylight to moving air, grass, trees and water. So much greenery. I like to visit London, but I much to prefer to come home.

This was taken during our walk on Sunday. I think that it might be my favourite photo of the year so far.

People In Glass Houses

4 thoughts on “People In Glass Houses

  1. nettleham says:

    Hi Mark

    We now have the DCSF, DIUS, LSC, SFA and HEFCE although the LSC is being replaced by the LEA.

    Anyway this is all for the benefit of the learners so must not grumble.

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