Shy Birds, Counting Bees and Beautiful Flies?

More sunshine! I was out early with S (who woke up just after 5). He was in the pushchair, eventually asleep, so we stuck to the lanes and went through the village and then round Bottom’s Lane. I was busy thinking, preoccupied with a maths problem, when this Meadow Brown caught my attention…

Walking is a great way to see the flora and fauna on your local patch, but stopping is often even better. Now that I had my camera in hand, and had stopped, at least for while, trying to calculate the difference between the cubes of thirteen and eleven, I realised that the the trees and shrubs alongside the road were bouncing with families of young birds, particularly Blue Tits and Long-Tailed Tits.

One of the latter led me on a merry dance as I tried to catch it on camera. It hopped and fluttered from branch to branch. I took several photos of twigs which it had only just vacated. In the end I did get some pictures…

…but only incognito shots. It would never quite show its face…

Meanwhile, on the verge the brambles are flowering. Not spectacular to look at, but obviously very attractive to nectar seekers. The plants on the verge were also heavily populated by…

..these splendid fellows.

When they are buzzing around my face, keeping me awake on a hot summer evening (not that we’ve had any of those recently), or in my kitchen, frankly they drive me mad. But I have to admit that the colours and the wings are very impressive.

On the opposite verge there were tall spikes of Limestone Woundwort:

Your ordinary, bog-standard Woundwort is very common in this area, its flowers are smaller and darker and it’s not half as showy as this close relative.

Although I had an early start I can’t compete with these guys:

Having cut the hay yesterday, today the fields and roads in the area were busy with tractors turning and then collecting it before more forecast wet weather arrives off the Atlantic tomorrow. When I started writing this post they were still out there working with floodlights.

For me the rest of the day held a puppet show and a charity garden party with the family and my Mum and Dad, so a pretty lazy day:


But Farmers and Bees are always busy:

Apparently, Bees can count to 3, but perhaps that’s a story for another time.

Now: 13 cubed minus 11 cubed……

Shy Birds, Counting Bees and Beautiful Flies?

7 thoughts on “Shy Birds, Counting Bees and Beautiful Flies?

  1. How nice to see you (and your magnificent photos) back – math muddled mind and all! It’s the first time ever that I thought a fly was lovely (are those perhaps called bluebottles?) but then, I’m partial to blues and greens, even in a pest, I guess.

    As to their presence in the kitchen, a (butter)fly net has been a boon in our house, successfully capturing the errant annoyance. (Plus it’s fun for kids to capture them that way.)

    Speaking of fun, here’s a link to a very funny picture you and your kids might like with the hilarious title, “You Are Not Your Mom’s Favorite.” We immediately sent it to our two sibling rivals!

  2. Kev says:

    Glad to see you are out and about again.
    I didn’t realise that maths and nature were so closely related.
    Fantastic photo’s.

  3. beatingthebounds says:

    Hello both and thank you.
    Loved the link Cynthia.
    Maths and nature are definitely intimately linked Kev, although on this occasion maths was more of a distraction than a way to understand nature.

  4. You are fantastic!

    What a post this is.

    The pictures are marvelous and some I really like. I love the Green Bottle Fly almost more than the sheep. Since I have never seen a sheep looking like them, I was moved. What wool that must be.

  5. beatingthebounds says:

    I was away (as you’ll see) and I expect to be very busy for a while, but regular blogging will resume eventually.

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