Towyn Farm – Beach Scenes

The weather was good to us whilst we were away and we spent lots of time on the beach. There’s so much to do on a decent beach – digging, building, damming, crabbing, paddling, swimming, surfing, boating, drawing in the sand, collecting stones, shells, seaweed, clay, driftwood and playing beach games. We did most of those things over the course of the week.

We also visited the beach early in the morning.

This is from our first morning, after a late arrival and waking early. A needed to catch up on some sleep so I took the clan to the beach pre-breakfast. Like many of our days at Towyn it started overcast and the cloud burned off later.

Later in the week we visited the beach late in the day to paddle in the sea….

…and watch the sun set:

Towyn Farm – Beach Scenes

2 thoughts on “Towyn Farm – Beach Scenes

  1. Your pictures took me back 45 years.

    They should be included in every party political broadcast that pretends to care out ‘the family’.

    This IS real life. Real families that care about children and what the family stands for.

    Nice post.

  2. Hi Mark..
    Nice to catch up on you and yours and the adventures you get up to.. as always great pictures and great reading.. all the very best to you all.

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