Towyn Farm – Beach Scenes II

More holiday snaps. Baby S enjoying the beach. We celebrated his first birthday on the last day of the holiday.

A took this one – I know because that’s me being minder in the background. Two spades are clearly better than one. I’m not sure that either of them are ours, but buckets and spades seem to become almost communal property on the beach. One of the ways in which ‘the rules’ are somehow different in the holiday atmosphere and some aspects of everyday etiquette are relaxed.

S got through lots of sandy digestives over several days on the beach. Doesn’t seem to have done him any harm.

S gets steadier and steadier on his pegs all the time, but he is prone to sudden bursts of acceleration which look quite alarming, especially on a rocky beach.

Balance is everything. And clinging on to the biscuit.

After all the hard work, a rest and refreshments in the beach tent (an even flimsier wind break for those who haven’t ventured on to a summer holiday beach for a while.)

Towyn Farm – Beach Scenes II

2 thoughts on “Towyn Farm – Beach Scenes II

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    He is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and I used to work with puppies and kittens! I especially like the three before the one with him in the tent; if you scroll past them really fast it looks like he’s getting down with his bad self 😀

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