LLeyn Peninsula Coastal Wildlife

An early morning walk with S (one of several mostly just me and S on my back but occasionally joined by on or both of t’other two).

A light cloud was keeping us from getting an early roasting, but it was clearly going to be another hot day. For once the mountains that guard the eastern end of the peninsula were not shrouded in cloud or mist.

A couple of years ago on this stretch of coast I saw some choughs, but not this trip. This morning we did see several Herons, one of them under attack by Black-Backed Gulls. Further along I spotted a Cormorant on the cliffs below.

Then a whole gaggle of Cormorants (there were about a dozen all told):

And then three Grey Seals, two of which were basking in the sun:

Apparently the males are generally darker and larger so perhaps these are a pair?

My parents visit a spot on the Wash were, in the breeding season, you can see thousands of seals, so perhaps my three weren’t so impressive, but I was thrilled none the less.

LLeyn Peninsula Coastal Wildlife

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