Towyn Farm – Hedgerow Flowers

Although it’s the coastal paths that come most readily to mind when I think of our holidays at Towyn, walking along the lanes or across the fields is also delightful because the hedgerows are bright with a profusion of flowers. Great drifts of Purple Loosestrife and the wild thyme which is very common there, mint and willowherbs including this Rosebay Willowherb:

Of course this is a plant that you can probably find flowering all over Britain. I can certainly remember seeing it every summer on waste ground when I lived in Central Manchester. Many of the other flowers that I saw were also familiar from walks around home, but some were not.

Rest Harrow for example.

Or Lady’s Bed Straw.

Or this as yet unidentified flower. Any ideas?

Towyn Farm – Hedgerow Flowers

3 thoughts on “Towyn Farm – Hedgerow Flowers

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    Yes – thank you both, you’re right of course. Almost as soon as I published this post my wife wandered in to see what I was up to and she pointed out that it looks like St. John’s Wort. I’m sure that it is one of the many varieties – but I’m not entirely sure which one.

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