Between Showers…

After our splendid week in sunny Wales, the dismal wet weather has resumed. We have managed to get out occasionally. Last week we walked down to Woodwell for a fishing expedition.

Inspecting the catch:

We caught several small fish, some pond skaters and water boatman and saw a large newt but he was too wily for us and easily evaded our nets.

Little A’s two friends (J and J) arrived and told us about the dragonfly that they had rescued form the surface of the pond that morning. It was still where they had left it:

Sadly I think that its wings were probably damaged beyond repair.

Speaking of injured wildlife – we have had numerous visits from a small hedgehog that could be the one that we found injured on our patio. I like to think so anyway.

Between Showers…

One thought on “Between Showers…

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    I feel bad for the poor dragonfly, but I love the pictures you got of it. I hope that it is the same hedgehog and that he is feeling better.

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