Once again we managed to get out between showers and spent some time on Moss Lane collecting blackberries for some Apple and Blackberry jam.

The hedgerows are full of berries. Rosehips and elderberries are mostly still green. The haws are beginning to blush and the rowan berries are fully red-orange ripe. As were these Guelder Rose berries:

Most surprising to me was an oak absolutely festooned with oak apples. I’ve never seen so many on one tree.

None of this has anything to do with the instrumental that closes Tom Waits’ magnificent album ‘Swordfishtrombone’, but I was listening to it earlier today and the title, and the melancholy nature of the tune, seemed appropriate for the weather we’ve experienced this summer.


3 thoughts on “Rainbirds

  1. beatingthebounds says:

    It’s really a bit early for blackberries yet, but we did pick enough to make a pot of jam and it is indeed very tasty.

  2. I have noticed quite a few Oak Apples as well Mark…
    I have enjoyed catching up on you and your families adventures.. As always it great to see the kids out and about and playing as children should play.. and not stuck in front of the telly.. :O)

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