Spores, Bindweed, Dragonflies

With cloudy but dry weather yesterday, and even some sunny spells, we made it into Eaves Wood for a stroll. One effect of this wet summer seems to be an abundance of fungi in the woods.

These brackets on an old beech stump are always there, but yesterday they were gently smoldering like briquettes on a barbecue. Sadly the photo doesn’t capture it, but you can just about pick out the coating of brown spores on the bark and on bramble leaves at the base of the trunk. A part of the tree trunk lies next to the stump and was also liberally covered. It will be interesting to see whether brackets develop on there too.

No visit to the woods is complete without a little tree-climbing and stick-play:

And though my favourite flowers have been and gone, this bindweed caught my attention:

I’ve been disappointed and alarmed by how few butterflies I’ve seen this summer. I hope that populations have not been adversely affected by the rotten weather. The dragonflies don’t seem to mind. The field we crossed approaching the woods yesterday was busy with them. No opportunity to photograph them presented itself until we were back at home playing in the garden. There were several dragonflies about, but this one was sunning itself on a Hebe and seemed quite happy to be photographed.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to send my new camera to Olympus to be repaired – there is something wrong with the zoom function. I’ve reverted to using the Sony which doesn’t have much of a zoom so I was holding the camera quite close to the fly. I can’t work out how to turn of the flash and it seems to have rather washed out the colours.

Spores, Bindweed, Dragonflies

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