Strolling Therapy

Well we’ve had a couple of more pleasant days. Today in particular was good. Not especially warm, but dry and occasionally sunny. As a result we’ve spent much of the day outdoors in the garden and at the children’s playground. Tonight I even dragged myself out for a walk – some actual ‘beating the bounds’.

It wasn’t a long walk. Just a brief stroll through the village and across the Lots to the Cove. Lately, I haven’t done half enough of this ‘walking and gawking’ (as Ron at Walking Fort Bragg calls it). It doesn’t really need to be a long walk. Just to be outside is therapeutic. The song of the wind in the trees. The smell of the sea. The texture of the mud and water in the Bay – enhanced somehow by the low, post-sunset light.

I’m drawn to the cove at this time of day, as the light drains from the sky. To the South the coast is dotted with the lights of Morecambe and Heysham and in the North, Grange and Kents Bank. But looking West toward the dark hump of Humphrey Head and the long horizon of the Bay it is easy to imagine that nothing much has changed here for a very long time (although you have to ignore the occasional winking light, presumably from a gas platform or wind turbine.) There is something raw and elemental about the Bay in these conditions.

It’s a while since I’ve been here, and the shape of the channels near to the shore has changed. Almost inevitably, the dark outlines of two herons are poised on the far side of the channel, fishing in their usual patient way.

Strolling Therapy

One thought on “Strolling Therapy

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    I love these pictures and your descriptions are very poetic. Wonderful post and you’re lucky to live near such a nice spot for a stroll.

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