Simple Pleasures

Resting quietly on an ash-stole, with the scent of flowers, and the odour of green buds and leaves, a ray of sunlight yonder lighting up the lichen and the moss on the oak trunk, a gentle air stirring in the branches above, giving glimpses of fleecy clouds sailing in the ether, there comes into the mind a feeling of intense joy in the simple fact of living.

Richard Jefferies from Wildlife In A Southern County


Purple seed-heads on the tall grasses that along with the bull-rushes line the roadside fringe of Bank Well, a small pond that I pass on my daily commute.

Wildlife in a Southern County is about the area in North Wiltshire where Jefferies grew up. Marlborough Down, Barbury Castle and the Ridgeway path were all part of his stomping ground. I haven’t been there since a primary school trip in the seventies, but Alan and Darren were walking there only this weekend.

Simple Pleasures

One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. The farmers were busily ‘combining’ in the brief window of great weather the weekend we were there, finishing late into the night. They started late in the morning after the cool wet mists had been burnt away by the last of this summer’s rays.

    The fields were a hive of activity with tractors and trailors servicing the combine harvesters and just behind them, the straw bailers working their magic; turning the fields into sculpture parks.

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