Three Seasons in One Plant

“I’m Nature Girl!” A announced, flourishing her stick as we set off on our Saturday morning walk. We were taking a circuitous route along Bottoms Lane into the village, to the coffee morning, where their mum was helping out. Both ‘Nature Boys’ were in the double buggy, neither looking remotely inclined to do the decent thing and have a nap.

Later I asked her – “How are you doing Nature Girl?”

“I’m good,” she said “but we haven’t seen any Nature yet.”

Well, we can’t have been looking properly, because from that point on I made sure that we found lots of nature.

There were quite a few flowers – Woundwort and Limestone Woundwort, a single Meadowsweet, Bramble flowers and still some fragrant Honeysuckle:

Most prominent though were the Ivy flowers and the attendant hordes of Bees:


The spiders were wise to the possibilities that the ivy provided and we found several webs. In one web a bee was struggling furiously. B was very excited by this and although I managed to dissuade him from touching the bee, he managed to free it by repeatedly twanging the web.

We saw numerous snails, a dragonfly and a couple of quite beautiful green and black bugs. Sadly, for reasons that now elude me, I took my point and snap camera and the photos didn’t come out well.

There were blackberries, haws, elderberries, rose-hips and spiky burrdocks to spot and examine. Several spindle bushes caught our attention, and became firm favourites when we realised that the outer layer couple be peeled away to reveal a bright orange fruit within. Some of the spindle leaves were fading to a pale yellow rimmed with a delicate pink. (I shall have to return for some shots of those).

The sycamore leaves have had black spots on them for a while.

I can imagine zooming in on those slim yellow borders and finding a riotous fractal complexity with all of the colours to match.

Since finding Tutsan on Beetham Fell back in July, I’ve been finding it all over – we must have at least six shrubs in our garden. At Silverdale Green, on the same plant, we found flowers:

Shiny new berries:

And dried up husks with turning leaves:

The best Autumn colour was provided by a garden spilling out over its boundary wall with lemon Wisteria leaves and scarlet Virginia Creeper (I think):

Nature Boy and Nature Girl had by this point decided that their legs were tired and were taking it in turns to join their baby brother in the double buggy.

Three Seasons in One Plant

3 thoughts on “Three Seasons in One Plant

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    More pretty pictures! It’s so great that your kids get to go out and experience things like freeing a bee from a spider web. Those are some of my best childhood memories. Also, I love those fat, fuzzy bees that buzz around flowers. They are just adorable in an insect-y sort of way.

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