Whisby Nature Park

On Saturday afternoon we drove down to Lincoln to visit my Mum and Dad and on Sunday morning we went to Whisby Nature Park which is a little haven of peace and tranquility just off the A46 ring road. After a cloudy start the sky cleared and the sun shone. It was warm. Briefly, we could remember again what it is like to have a summer.

Strolling the paths together there was so much to see that we were spoiled for choice.

There were toadstools of many different shapes and sizes.

These ones seemed to have had a hem stitched around the bottom of the cap:

I’m afraid that I don’t really know what any of these are. (Any hints welcome)

Perhaps this could be a Shaggy Inkcap?

And this one an Earthball?

I was quite happy with the abundant fungi, but the insect world was putting on a show to entertain us too.

I managed to get several intimate shots of this Comma butterfly. There were whites and Red Admirals and Speckled Woods sunning themselves on an information board. When we arrived, everything was still drenched in dew, which revealed spider’s webs everywhere. Later, near to the Comma, my mum spotted two spiders both eating the same insect caught in a web:

Look at those hairy legs:

Bees were ubiquitous, this one  on a Teasel:

This damselfly was a surprisingly patient model:

It’s stunning isn’t it! Again, I have no idea what sort of damselfly it is, nor what kind of Dragonfly this is:

It was a beautiful morning. A little to my surprise, I’m really relishing the beginning of Autumn, so I’ll finish with a little Autumn colour in these bramble leaves:

Whisby Nature Park

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