Still Life with Apples

Yesterday my walk home from work followed a circuitous route along The Row and then through Eaves Wood to the Pepper Pot. Although I was in the woods for much of the walk, the best autumn colour was in the roadside verges. Jamaica’s national colours in Willowherb leaves:

And Brambles:

We’re experiencing Rainbow weather again and the sun picked out this unidentified umbelliferae’s…

…leaves for a new paint job:

Oak leaves in the gutter:

Although there were bright spells, heavy showers and rumbles of thunder dominated. Puddles were plentiful along the Row:

Ivy flower:

Lady’s mantle with raindrops:

Windfall apples for sale at the orchard of a former neighbour of ours:

New fungi on a log in Eaves Wood:

On Castlebarrow I seemed to be on the dividing line between the heavy skies which glowered over Warton Crag;;;

And the more broken cloud throwing shafts of sunlight down on the bay:

It was soon raining again. The path that I took down to the village passed a twisted Beech tree that I have photographed and posted here several times. On this occasion it was the carpet of leaves beneath the tree that caught my attention:

Still Life with Apples

4 thoughts on “Still Life with Apples

  1. More lovely pictures, Mark
    I’m up late backing up some of my snaps onto a hard drive kept at a friend’s house. My only back-up!
    My brain is reeling from having read Andy Howell’s ‘archiving photos’ posting. I’m glad I don’t take the snapping too seriously, though what I’ll do when the G10 arrives, I don’t know!

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Yes I’ve been following Andy’s series on photography and i must confess that I have absolutely no archiving system except for uploading stuff to flickr.
    The potential pitfalls have been brought home to me by a frustrating experience tonight trying to transfer photos taken in Peru in 2000 from CDs to flickr. I’ve managed to upload a few, but my computer doesn’t seem to like these Kodak picture CDs and hundreds of photos seem to be there but inaccessible. At least I have prints.

    Ron – that sounds dangerously like a dodgy euphemism! Judging by the weather forecast I shall have plenty more opportunities to shoot puddles over the weekend.

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