Don’t Say Tomorrow

Another brief, rainy plash today, this time round the lanes with a sleeping baby in a pushchair. He was catching up on a very ropey night last night. I should probably be doing the same now. Once again the seasonal colour provided some compensation for the downpour.

I clearly haven’t been getting out often enough recently. Under the Horse Chestnuts on Stankelt Lane it took some time to find even one conker.

Apparently a moth from the Balkans (where the trees themselves were imported from in the sixteenth century)  is blighting British Horse Chestnuts and reducing the number of conkers available in some areas, but I think that I just left it too late to look.

The outer shell has lost its soft pale green colour and the small spikes have also gone. (How does that happen?)

Meanwhile the tree has lost most of its leaves and the rest look ready to drop soon.

I was working up to some kind of homily about not putting off till tomorrow the walk that you might do today – but really that was just going to be an excuse to use another Prisonaires song as a title for a post. (If you like that then check out their original ‘Walking in the Rain’ – less familiar than the Johnnie Ray version but well worth a listen.)

Don’t Say Tomorrow

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