Final Round Up

As you may have gathered by now, I snapped away with abandon on Sunday, taking photos of just about anything that caught my attention, whether that be dried up thistle heads…

…or the patterns on a log…

…entwining yew roots forced above ground by thin soil over limestone…

…or one final set of leaves and berries:

There are a few small trees of this type at the eastern end of Eaves Wood. I don’t know what they are…any suggestions?

I also had another close encounter of the ornithological kind. This robin what not as bold as the Sandyhills tractor robin, but still pretty confident in my presence. Of course robins are emblematic of Christmas and the British winter, I think that we tend to think of them as friendly and curious, but I suspect that they are actually pugnacious, territorial and supremely self-confident.

Well, my photos from Sunday have eked out over the week as I had hoped. The weekend promises to be very cold and very busy, but hopefully I will find time for at least a short stroll as some point. The sunset tonight was spectacular, but unfortunately I watched it through a window at work and didn’t have my camera to hand.

Final Round Up

5 thoughts on “Final Round Up

  1. Love the Robin. I guess that is what you call it. Not like our Robin but nicer.

    I think this is my first trip to your blog. I am in Brookville, Ohio and it is cold this morning – 13 degree Fahrenheit = -10.5555556 degree Celsius. If I were just walking past you on the street I would probably smile and nod my head. I hope you would too. LOL

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Hi SW, I must have been reading your blog just as you were reading mine. Thanks for the tip – I shall look that up.

    Abe – actually this is far from your first visit, and you are always welcome. I follow your blog via google reader, well one of them anyway.

    No snow here, but it is pretty bracing. Likewise i follow your blog on google. I particularly enjoy the walks section.

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