The Ruin in the Fog


I pass this diminutive ruined cottage in Eaves Wood regularly on my walks but have never got round to photographing it before. It has three small rooms the middle one of which has this hearth and chimney breast.

Whether anyone actually ever lived here I don’t know. Elsewhere in the wood can be found the foundations of an old summer house and some of the paths have clearly been very carefully constructed. There are also some old concrete water tanks for ‘the big house’, now the Woodlands pub. Clearly Eaves Wood was once a garden for the ‘the big house’ and perhaps this cottage was used by the gardeners?

I know that as a child a ruined cottage in the woods would have really fired my imagination which would soon have peopled it with a dramatic past. Perhaps the atmospheric conditions awoke my inner child. Of course, a ruin in the fog is a staple romantic image…

Like Caspar David Friedrich’s The Abbey in the Oakwood.

And since I haven’t yet found any photographs of a cloud inversion from Saturday on the net, here is the same artist’s The Wanderer, perhaps his most famous painting?

The Ruin in the Fog

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