Ice Needles and Crunchy Puddles

More Sunday

Making the most of the clear frosty conditions I managed to squeeze in three short ambles on Sunday. Traced out on a map I suspect that the routes, looping and intersecting, might look like the beginnings of a rather drunken spider’s web.

Walk the First

After our exploration in the garden, the whole family set off for a jaunt through the village and across the Lots to the Cove. It was fascinating to see how the frost transformed everything. I took several pictures of leaves, their details picked out in a frost x-ray:

Sadly, no photograph can convey the deeply satisfying noise we made kicking through the leaf-litter made even crisper by its icy coating. Nor the sonorous scrunch of each footfall on the frozen earth and ice sleeved grass.

Our shadows were long…

…the novelty of every surface coated in ice needles like iron-filings clinging to the pole of a magnet was wonderful…

…the air was clear and the views were outstanding…

(Regular readers will recognise this view as one that I photograph frequently. I hope that you aren’t bored of it yet, because I’m certainly not)

On the far edge of the tidal pool three cormorants stood beating their out-stretched wings – perhaps trying to circulate some blood as well as dry their wings. Three widgeon sat in the shallow margins of the water with their heads tucked back between their wings, dealing with the cold in their own way. The cormorants objected to my attempts to edge across the icy mud in order to get a decent photo and flew off, but they were almost immediately replaced by two others which began to dive, disappearing into the water for surprisingly long fishing trips. Further out, oyster-catchers and curlew probed the mud with their curved beaks.

On our way back through the village we found lots of puddles with a crust of ice to walk, slide and stamp on.

Before we crashed through it in our wellies, the ice was patterned with surface tension chevrons:

Ice Needles and Crunchy Puddles

2 thoughts on “Ice Needles and Crunchy Puddles

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    How gorgeous! I love the little ice spikes and the frosted leaf is spectacular! This is something I really wish we had in Florida, a nice cold winter. I’m sure I’d complain about it just as much as anyone, but at the end of the day, having distinct seasons is just so much more enjoyable in my opinion.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. beatingthebounds says:

    Hello again Dragonmage06.
    Although I rail against the short soggy days, I know that in fact you are absolutely right. The changing of the seasons and the long days of summer are more than adequate payback. Here on the coast though we have mostly missed out on the snow which many areas have had.

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