Christmas Eve Strolls

To Woodwell…

…with the whole family, who looked out the geocache hidden nearby…

Just past the solstice, the woods hold symbols of both autumn…

Dog Rose leaves.

And the regeneration to come…

…with what are surely new leaves on some of the honeysuckle.

On the cliff-top path we found a log covered with oyster mushrooms. We’re quite partial to a bit of foraging, but elected to pass on this occasion. We also spotted more jew’s ear fungus, which is allegedly edible, but which I always choose to pass..

I hope that you have all been enjoying more appetising looking repast over the holidays!

In the afternoon we attended the Christingle service at the local church, much of the attraction of which is the sight of a packed church entirely lit by hand held candles. We walked home by candle light – the kids loved it. My camera has a ‘candle light’ setting, which produces a ‘Joseph Wright of Derby‘ effect…


Christmas Eve Strolls

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