Transformational Magic Too

Since Sunday morning was another fine, sunny winter morning, I looked out for, and found, more backlit leaves.

Oak leaves like this one always seem to show small yellow spots amongst the ochre. What I don’t seem to have appreciated when I got excited about this effect before is that surrounding shade is as important as the low-angled light. In full sunshine the impact is diminished.

Although I must confess that I’m quite addicted to the resulting colours…


Some might say obsessed…

Lest you think that I spent all of my time in the woods photographing leaf-litter and tiny birds, I should say that I also find a nice wood pile…

with fungi…

…of various kinds…

A dead tree, bereft of branches, stripped of bark and pocked with woodpecker holes exerts a totemic fascination…

I noticed that leaves were spilling from a large cleft at the top of the trunk – can there have been a nest up there last year?

Until relatively recently, I have used an entirely manual SLR and the switch to digital can have its frustrations. Autofocus at times drives me mad. I couldn’t, for instance, persuade the camera to focus on the tree in the background.

But now I’ve realised that I rather like the fine tracery of twigs against the blue sky, something that I hope to capture intentionally at some point.

Transformational Magic Too

4 thoughts on “Transformational Magic Too

  1. dragonmage06 says:

    I love the first backlit leaf picture and I went back to see the picture that started the craze and can honestly say that I’ll be looking for backlit leaves on my next walk.

    I hear you about the auto focus, though; it drives me nuts, too. My next camera will at least have a manual option.

  2. fatdogwalks says:

    Never thought of looking for backlit leaves – good idea!

    Yep, autofocus drives me nuts as well…! Must read the manual sometime.

  3. beatingthebounds says:

    DN and FDW,
    Happy hunting!
    I suspect that my camera probably has a manual option – if as you say, I only read the manual.

  4. These are neat finds for sure… I have notice many damaged trees in the woods this past week or so.
    By the way.. well done with the Gold Crest pictures… I not seen one when I’ve had the camera with me..

    Wiggers World

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